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Bath and Massage

Durex Play Ylang Ylang 2in1 Massage Gel And Sensual Lube 200ml

Play Sensual Massage 2 in 1 gel contains Ylang Ylang a flower grown in areas of rainforests within the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Play Sensual Mass..


Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles

Perfect for titillating BDSM fun, these wax play candles have judt a tinge of heat when dripped, and then quickly warm to the touch. in beautifull ero..

£11.00 £12.99

Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

big handle with with 2 lock-down suction areas to realize that perfect, essential  position. Add immediate leverage and obtain excellent position..

£14.00 £15.99

Sex In The Shower Single Locking Suction Handle

Perfect "starter" handle or grip. Buying two allows for greater stretch. Small and easily portable. Use with the Single Suction Locking Foot Rest for ..

£13.00 £14.99

Sex In The Shower Suction Hand Cuffs

One pair of comfortable and sturdy neoprene and Velcro cuffs attached to industrial strength suction cups. Works on any smooth surface including windo..

£21.00 £23.99

Swede BlueBerry Cassis Massage 50ml

Swede's Fruity Love Massage is a range of high quality, flavoured and warming massage lotions. Swede has carefully developed formulas that are totally..

£8.00 £8.99

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